3 Possible Cures for Blindness According to Time Magazine

Time Magazine featured three cutting edge treatments for blindness last week. This includes bionic eye implants, gene therapy, and cell therapy. Each procedure is currently being tested by three individuals who are losing or have lost their sights in different periods of their lives, and from different causes.

Michael Ganley, a 27 year old lost his sight due to macular degeneration, a problem that affects 1 in 8,000 young people. He is now using cell injections to hopefully stop and restore his vision. The stem cell therapy involves replenishing the supply of retinal pigment epithelial cells which brings nutrients to the retina. The stems cells “can develop into any cell type in the human body”, and in this case, replicate the RPE cells in the sufferer. This treatment directly impacts people who have genetic and age-related degeneration of vision.

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You Won’t Believe How Cell Therapy Is Changing the Daily Lives of Children with Diabetes

Young suffers of Type 1 diabetes (often called juvenile diabetes) may not need to worry about insulin shots anymore.

Researchers are now going in to the Phase II testing process for VC-01, a product meant to be implanted under the skin. After the surgery, the cells will be “expected to further differentiate to produce mature pancreatic cells that will synthesize and secrete insulin and other factors, thereby regulating blood glucose, commonly referred to as blood sugar, levels”.   If the clinical trials are a success, suffers of Type 1 (especially children) will no longer require daily insulin injects to control their glucose levels.
To read more on this study, visit here.

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