Scientists are Developing Ways to Disrupt Cancer Cells

As we all know, cancer is very dangerous disease, causing uncontrollable growth of your cells or metastases almost anywhere in your body that can lead to serious consequences.  Many scientists spent most of their life trying to find solutions for this but so far, nothing near for a cure.

But Liang Fang and his colleague have a different opinion. Dr. Fang and his team at Walter Birchmeier’s group, are developing a new method that can trace every last cancer cells and interrupt its propagation by targeting the main chemicals defined as the Wnt-addicted.  They believe that there is component in our body that nourish the cancer cells while it’s traveling through our body.  One of the main problem when battling cancer is that in order to get rid of cancer cells completely, we must destroy every single trance of it, otherwise you run the risk that someday the tumor might resurface.

The procedure involves the use of a new developed compound called LF3.  After testing LF3 on tumor cells, they discovered the LF3 prevents cells from replicating, interrupting the cell cycle. Unlike many conventional cancer treatment, the use of LF3 has proven that it doesn’t damage healthy cells, marking a big step to discover a new and more healthy treatment for cancer.  This procedure still under development but it shows so far, great promises.

you can read more about LF3 in here.

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