Stem Cell Therapy Can Tackle Diseases Caused By Obesity

Obesity is one of the major concerns we have in the United States, perhaps all over the world. More and more people, including kids, are becoming overweight because of the change in food and lifestyles over the years.

1 in 3 adults and one-third of children and adolescents ages 6-19 are considered obese in the United States. Now that’s not a good sign. Obesity can cause many health problems along the way, such as, heart disease, diabetes, liver disease, certain types of cancers, etc. According to The News International, experts said that acupuncture and stem cell therapy are two of the methods of treating these fatal diseases. Read full article here.

Although we do have effective treatments for some of these diseases, it is always better to prevent it than find a cure after it happened. It is important to eat healthy and have a balanced diet. Exercising and having regular physical activity is an important part of weight management. Maintaining a healthy weight and a healthy body would be less likely to cause any health issues.

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Stem Cell Therapy Might Bring The Dead Back to Life!?

This may be one of the most bizarre things I’ve ever heard so far. Scientists and researchers are trying to find ways to bring the dead back to life! This is not a sci-fi movie or supernatural stuffs; this is actually real research and real study.

Biotech companies Revita Life Sciences and Bioquark Inc. have been granted ethical permission to test out this theory. The trial involves recruiting 20 patients who are brain dead and uses life support. To be considered brain dead, the patient no longer has any brain stem functions. Meaning he or she is considered clinically dead, but the body can still have some normal functions such as digest food, excrete waste, heal wounds, etc.

Scientists will be using a combination of peptides, lasers, nerve stimulation, and most importantly stem cells during the trial. It might not be new to us that stem cells can be made into other cells and replace the dead ones. By using stem cells, scientists want to test if whether parts of the patients’ central nervous system can be brought back to life.

The trial will begin once they recruited 20 patients and they hope to see results within the first 2 to 3 months after treatment. Read the full article here. To learn more about how stem cell therapy can change your life, visit our website at