Stem Cell Treatments Give Hope to MS Patients

Stem cell treatments have been giving hopes to many patients with different kind of diseases. This time, stem cell treatments have shown promising results in the battle against multiple sclerosis (MS). MS is the damage in the central nervous system that disrupts the flow of information within the brain, and between the brain and body. This would lead to various symptoms like back and eye pains, dizziness, muscular cramping, urination problems, etc.

The stem cell treatment is called HSCT, hematopoietic stem cell transplantation. The process starts by taking a patient’s own bone marrow for stem cell regeneration and placing the cells back into the patient. HSCT has already shown a 70% success rate in treating the people with MS, but still has some risks of shorter life expectancy and sometimes even a chance of death. Despite the risks, HSCT could be the first MS therapy to reverse disability.

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Stem Cell Treatment Helped Stroke Patients Walk Again

A stroke is very terrifying. It is the sudden damage of the brain and causes many problems to the human body, such as paralysis and difficulties of speaking and understanding. Stroke is the leading cause of serious, long-term disability in the United States, with nearly 795,000 cases per year. It would help many patients if there is a cure to this permanent and irreversible damage.

According to Stanford researchers, they did an experiment of injecting stem cells into the brains of stroke patients, and they were “stunned” by the results! The research involved injecting stem cells from donors into 18 patients’ brains and observing the healing process at one month, six and 12 months after surgery. Seven out of the 18 patients experienced significant improvement. Some patients can walk again after the treatment.

This is a real medical breakthrough. This means almost half of the stroke patients will have the chance to heal and go back to their normal, if not close to normal life again. But there is still a lot more work to be done to confirm the results and figure out the mechanism behind the healing process.

Regrow Your Burned Skin with Your Own Stem Cells!

Have you ever got burned by fire or really hot water? If it’s just a very small area we would just run our burned skin in cold water for a few seconds and put some nourishing cream or aloe on it. But what if it’s a huge burn? What if the burn was so bad that most of your skin got destroyed? I was amazed to find out that RenovaCare has something to help us when we have a chronic wound.

RenovaCare is a biotechnology company that focuses on developing autologous stem cell therapies for the regeneration of human organs. One of the company’s promising methods of healing burned skin is by using the skin gun, which sprays skin stem cells on a burned or chronic wound to promote rapid healing. The process is basically the same as any other stem cell therapies. It collects the patient’s own stem cells, suspended in a water solution and put it in the skin gun. The skin gun works like an air brush and sprays the solution onto the wounded area.

The healing process is said to be quick and can heal a burn in just a few days! A state trooper healed his second-degree burns in an unfortunate bonfire accident in four days. Although the skin gun is still in development stage and has not been approved by the FDA, RenovaCare has filed a 510(k) submission with the FDA and hoped to do clinical trials very soon.

The New Beauty Trend: Men Using Sheep Placenta Cream on Their Faces!

This may sound a little funny to most of you but men are slapping on sheep placenta cream to overcome blushing! Yes, you heard me, sheep placenta cream. After some celebrities such as Victoria Beckham and Simon Cowell revealed their beauty secrets of using sheep placenta facials, many fans also wanted to try it too. Not only did the women have gone crazy with this rejuvenating method, but men are also following this trend too. Who said men don’t need to look young? We all want to look young and healthy and beautiful.

Men are using sheep placenta cream not only for beauty purposes but also to hide their anxiety. Sheep placenta has anti-inflammatory properties that can reduce skin redness caused by flushing. By using sheep placenta cream, men can hide their blushing red cheeks during high-pressured situations. This can make them appear calmer and less anxious. Although I find it cute that men blush from time to time, but trust me, no men want their nervousness to show in front of important meetings and presentations.

Not only does sheep placenta help to enhance your skin conditions, taking sheep placenta orally can enhance your body performance too! Find out more about it here!