Grape seed extract

Grape seeds extracts are rich in antioxidants can help protect against oxidative stress, tissue damage and inflammation and prevent disease.

This efficient source of potent antioxidants that are hard to get from food. They will stay in your body longer to improve blood flow, protect blood vessels and reduce inflammation.

Grapeseed Extract Supports healthy blood vessels Improves:
  • blood pressure
  • vision problems
  • swelling

TR Zell P-Centa is the modern form of cell therapy. As a result of continuous research and innovations, the bioactive cells can now be transferred into the body through high quality softgel capsules; making it safer, cost effective, and easily accessible for knowledgeable consumers.

Unique extracts are core elements of this preparation which has been reformulated with an increased in Sheep Placenta and Patented Grapeswiss® seed extracts for maximized benefits.