TRZell International Aesthetic Cosmetic and Spa Conference Exhibit in New York

Perfect Choice Trading exhibit at International Aesthetic Cosmetic and Spa Conference in New York March 10-12 2019 at Booth #1132 in Jacob Javits Convention tickets available at

Exhibit of TR Zell P-centa and PBR

TR Zell P-Centa are a highly concentrated and purified form of cell therapy, targeting important organs. The organ cells are lab extracted from medical sheep and are converted into nutritional, daily dose gel capsules. This nutritional supplement helps rejuvenate, regenerate and revitalize your body.

TR Zell Phyto Based Rejuvenation (PBR) is exclusively from Switzerland. The essence of PBR comes from high concentration of botanical extracts. Newly formulated ampoule with the finest ingredients and proteins that help your skin be healthier with radiance.

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